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I thought you had superpowers, the way you pulled me back in every time I finally filled my veins with the conviction to leave this fortress. I never noticed the strings, that my movement was scripted. That when I forgave you, it was by design. You could make a horse believe it was a swan with the words you injected me with.

But I couldn’t keep telling myself I was protecting you when your pain only found light when I wished to break free. That your words of manipulation were as sincere as your intentions..

You only wanted me when you were in control. And those superpowers I thought you possessed were just acts of tantrums when you couldn’t have me your way.

"Manipulation", Dae Lee (Daeizm)

— [inspired by the word given to me from Eryn Amel, agoldthatactuallystays ]

A part of my project #WordsFromSouls

(via daeizm)
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